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OTCO has attempted to place all of 2016 & 2015 attendance records into e-Biz but there is an issue with the transfer of the 2015 data. We are working with the Ohio EPA to determine the issue.

Please note that legally you can still use the OTCO Student Transcript to renew your certification. Your contact hour data is fully intact in the OTCO database. If you have any questions regarding this please email:



OTCO will upload all of the 2017 attendance records into e-Biz by the 15th of the each month. 

OTCO will upload the 2016 attendance records into e-Biz by September 1, 2017.

3/9/15 Contact Hours Continuing Education Hours, 

Continuing Education Units and Professional Development Hours

The original objective of the 2001 OTCO Student Transcript was for individuals who attend OTCO events to have the on-line ability to check their official OTCO training records. In 2004 the Ohio EPA approved a second objective for official Ohio EPA Operator Certification Renewal in accordance to:

OAC #3745-7-15 Expiration and renewal of Operator Certification

Ohio EPA plans to begin utilize their Portal for Operator Certification Renewal, Exam Applications. OTCO will continue to maintain this service to all who attends OTCO training events.


OAWWA has chosen not to utilize OTCO for Contact Hours management for the year 2015 and beyond.  Effective April 1, 2015, I, (Curtis L. Truss, Jr.), will not be the official Contact Person for “The Ohio Section American Water Works Association “ or any of its districts or committees. I have not issued any contact hour approval numbers for OAWWA for the year 2015. As of today, March 4, 2015, I will not issue any further contact hour approval numbers for OAWWA. On March 24, 2015 at the request of OAWWA, all digital copies of documents created between 
January 1, 2001 thru December 31, 2009, will be transferred to:

Laura Carter, Ohio Section AWWA Manager * oawwa@assnoffices.com   www.oawwa.org
Accent on Management * 17 S. High Street *  Suite 200 * Columbus OH  43215

(844) 766-2845 * 614-221-1989 fax

PLEASE NOTE: (1) Contact hours maintained on behalf of OAWWA will still reside within the OTCO Student Transcript from the period 2001 thru 2014 (except the August 2014 OAWWA/OWEA joint “One Water” Conference). OAWWA elected not to utilize Professional Services (OTCO) for said event. (2) OTCO will continue to comply with any records request from Ohio EPA or any student regarding OAWWA contact hour records from the period 2001-2014.

Please read the following and scroll down to click "I Agree" to access our Training Tracking System using your Student ID# and PIN. The student "Contact Hour Transcript" from this site is accepted by the Ohio EPA in case of an audit effective March 12, 2004.

The above listed organizations are responsible for the accuracy of their data on this site. Data from the previous month will be displayed by the 15th of the following month.

​1st, select the courses you want to include in your "compiled" Ohio EPA version of your transcript by clicking the square radio buttons on the left hand side.
2nd, Select the "Compile" button located in the lower left hand corner of your transcript.

​​The sole purpose of this Web site is to allow OTCO attendees the opportunity to review their training records on line. Only training completed after January 1, 2001 will be displayed. This site is being maintained as a courtesy to assist you with your record keeping on continuing education for Contact Hours.

​​​​As of June 2010, Ohio Rural Water Association (ORWA) decided to track their own operator contact hours. All hours awarded prior to June 2010, will remain in the OTCO database. For hours after June 2010, you must contact Ohio Rural Water Association directly at http://ohioruralwater.org.

OTCO continues to receive questions regarding tracking operator contact hours for the Ohio Water Environment Association (OWEA). Since 2002, OWEA decided to track their own hours and must be contacted directly at http://www.ohiowea.org.