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​​Exams Requirements for 2015

All persons registering as a sewage treatment system installer, service provider, or septage hauler shall take a test on the sewage treatment systems rules.

For detailed information, click on the link below:

The Ohio Department of Health

Residential Water and Sewage Program Bureau of Environmental Health Ohio Department of Health 

35 Chestnut Street-7th Floor

Columbus, Ohio 43215

Telephone: 614-644-7551

Fax: 614-525-3851

E-mail: BEH@odh.ohio.gov


  1. Open book test with 75 questions.
  2. A copy of the sewage treatment systems rules will be provided at the test site if you do not have a copy.
  3. A minimum of 3 hours will be provided to take the open book test.
  4. The test will be available through three entities: Local Health Districts, OhioTrain, and OTCO. 

On-Line Exam: No Charge

You can take the on-line exam on up to five (5) time at no charge thru OTCO. The exam can be attempted from your office, home, tablet, or smart phone. You will be "proctored" via your computer by a series of questions that if answered with intent to fraud the State of Ohio could result in falsification charges.

For questions regarding the OTCO on-line or paper exams, contact: 

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