Portage County5/23/18Design Technician IUntil filled$21.27 per hr.
Portage County5/23/18Engineering Technician IUntil filled$21.27 per hr.
Village of Attica5/23/18Operator6/7/18
Ohio Rural Water Association5/23/18Wastewater Technician6/29/18$25,000-$30,000 per yr.
City of Oxford5/23/18Water Distribution Manager6/1/18$67,612-$75,125 per yr.
City of Columbus5/23/18Lamp Servicer Exam6/1/18$42,640 - $63,065.60 per yr.
Greene County5/23/18Director6/30/18
City of Cincinnati5/16/18Plant Operator6/12/18$43,629.26 - $45,152.78 per yr.
Erie County5/16/18Equipment Repair II/Operator
5/29/18$22.00 per hr.
City of Shelby5/16/18Water Treatment Plant Superintendent6/15/18$25.00 - $38.50 per hr.
Earnhart Hill Regional Water & Sewer District
5/16/18Distribution Operator
8/16/18$18.79 to $23.49 per hr.
Village of Attica5/16/18General Laborer 
City of Zanesville5/16/18Water Plant Operator I
City of Troy5/10/18WWTP Operator6/1/18$25.52-$29.47 per hr.
Madison County Sanitary5/10/18Wastewater Technician Assistant5/25/18
Village of Ada5/10/18Public Works/Street Department6/1/18
Village of Wellington5/10/18Wastewater OperatorUntil filled
Winelco, Inc.5/10/18Wastewater & Water 1 Operator8/10/18
City of Port Clinton5/10/18Operating Engineer I6/1/18$20.79 - $23.66 per hr.
City of Chillicothe
5/2/18Utilities Director
City of Chillicothe5/2/18

Water Treatment Plant Supervisor


$22.34-$27.22 per hr.

Industrial Fluid Management, Inc.5/2/18Operator Technician5/31/18
City of Norwalk5/2/18Wastewater Superintendent8/2/18
Aqua4/27/18Water Treatment Technician I5/31/18
Village of Bellaire
4/27/18Water Treatment Plant Operator10/27/18
Aqua4/27/18Maintenance Operator
Until filled$24.23 per hr
Veolia4/26/18Lead Wastewater Treatment Plant OperatorUntil Filled$24 $25.77 per hr.
Del-Co Water4/19/18Water Distribution Laborer or Operator
City of Westlake4/19/18Sewers & Solid Waste Manager
Village of Put-In-Bay4/19/18

Wastewater Class I or II

Wastewater Operator of Record

Water Operator Class II or III

Until filled
City of Lima4/19/18

WTP Total Plant Operator

WWTP Total Plant Operator

6/1/18$23.46 - $26.18 per hr.
Village of Sugarcreek4/2/18Village Administrator7/2/18
Village of Bellaire4/2/18Superintendent of Water6/30/18
City of Sidney3/20/18Wastewater Assistant Superintendent6/20/18$55,099-$68,682 per yr.
Campbell Soup Company3/12/18Wastewater Treatment Plant Manager6/30/18
County of Summit2/15/18Plants & Pump Station SuperintendentUntil filled
City of Sidney2/13/18

Water Plant Superintendent

Assistant Water Treatment Superintendent

Wastewater Assistant Superintendent

Until Filled
Lucas County Sanitary Engineer12/5/17Water Resource Recovery Facility Trainee
Water Resource Recovery Facility Operator 
Until filled
Jefferson Water & Sewer12/5/17Operator - IUntil filled
AKE Environmental12/5/17Operator that has dual Water 1 and Wastewater 1
Until filled
Jefferson Water & Sewer District11/30/17Water Service Technician - II
Until filled
City of Sidney11/8/17Wastewater Assistant Superintendent
Until filled
Village of Bridgeport11/1/17OperatorUntil filled
City of East Liverpool11/1/17Water SuperintendentUntil filled$58,000 per yr.

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