City of Sidney11/12/19Utilities Foreman IUntil filled$24.80 - $30.88 per hr.
Wayne County11/8/19Wastewater Operator11/20/19
City of Bowling Green11/7/19Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator11/18/19$21.43 – $27.38 per hr.
City of Hamilton11/6/19Utility Plant Relief Operator11/19/19$20.70 - $32.91 per hr.
City of Springfield11/6/19Motor Equipment Operator I11/23/19$16.81 - $21.40 per hr.
City of Columbus11/5/19Water Plant Operator I
11/18/19See attached
City of Columbus11/5/19Power Distribution System Operator I
11/18/19See attached
Village of Tiltonsville
11/5/19Utility Maintenance Worker I
Lucas County10/31/19Sanitary Project Engineer11/21/19$31.30 - $39.13 per hr.
City of Lancaster10/31/19Water Treatment Plant Operator11/12/19
Franklin County10/31/19Utility Compliance Specialist11/30/19$23.51 per hr.
WINELCO10/28/19Water & Wastewater Operator IUntil filled
City of Piqua
10/28/19Water Plant Operator11/15/19$20.50 per hr.
City of Barberton10/28/19Distribution and Collection Manager
11/28/19See attached
AKE Environmental 10/25/19Wastewater Operator I Until filled
Village of Centerburg10/24/19Utility Worker I11/23/19$12.17 - $17.00 per hr.
Lake County10/24/19Water Utility Maintenance11/24/19$20.35 per hr.
Village of Doylestown10/23/19Water Plant OperatorUntil filled$22.50 per hr.
Greene County
10/23/19Utility Maintenance Worker II
10/29/19$22.04 per hr.
Veolia North America
10/23/19Operator IIIUntil filled
Village of Ada10/21/19Water Treatment Operator II1/19/20$24.00 per hr.
City of Twinsburg10/17/19Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator11/15/19$27.25 per hr.
City of Dayton10/15/19Wastewater Treatment Supervisor11/12/19See attached
Village of Jamestown10/3/19Class I Water and Class II Wastewater Superintendent
Until filled$25.00 per hr.
Village of Gnadenhutten
10/2/19Utility Superintendent
Until filled$17.00 - $24.00 per hr.
Clermont County10/2/19Construction InspectorUntil filled$15.00 - $17.57 per hr.
Village of Swanton10/2/19Water Resource Recovery Facility Operator 
12/31/19See attached
Village of Swanton10/2/19Water Treatment Operator12/31/19See attached
Licking County9/26/19Water Treatment Operator12/25/19$20.00 - $25.00 per hr.
Delaware County9/26/19Collection System Manager11/30/19See attached
Aqua Ohio9/25/19Lead Water Technician11/24/19$33.59 per hr
Logan County9/24/19Collection System OperatorUntil filled$19.96 - $25.38 per hr
Logan County9/24/19Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Until filled$20.70 - $29.07 per hr.
Montgomery County
9/19/19Engineer IIIUntil filled$26.70 - $32.72 per hr.
Montgomery County
9/19/19Electromechnical Maintenance TechnicianUntil filled$24.17 per hr.
City of Troy9/17/19Water Treatment Plant Operator Until filled$24.27 - $30.35 per hr.
Village of Doylestown9/12/19Water OperatorUntil filled$19.00 - $22.00 per hr.
Village of Doylestown9/12/19Wastewater OperatorUntil filled$25.00 - $28.00 per hr.
Village of Camden9/12/19Maintenance / OperatorUntil filled$13.00 per hr.
Fairfield County9/10/19Water Operator IIUntil filled
Fairfield County9/10/19Water Operator IUntil filled
City of St. Clairsville9/10/19Water SuperintendentUntil filled
City of Toledo9/9/19Water Reclamation OperatorUntil filled$21.27 - $23.64 per hr.
Licking County9/9/19Water/Wastewater Operation SuperintendentUntil filledSee attached
Licking County9/9/19Water/Wastewater Assistant SuperintendentUntil filledSee attached
City of New Carlisle9/9/19Water Treatment Plant OperatorUntil filled$18.74 - $21.19 per hr.
City of Oberlin8/29/19Water Operator / Asst. Lab TechnicianUntil filled$21.30 - $26.62 per hr.
The Village of Quincy8/27/19Wastewater Operator IIUntil filled
City of Portsmouth8/22/19Wastewater Operator II or IIIUntil filledSee attached
The Village of Doylestown8/20/19Public Utility ManagerUntil filled
Fairfield County8/20/19Water Operator IIUntil filled$18.16 per hr.
Fairfield County8/20/19Water Operator IUntil filled$16.51 per hr.
Clean Steam Inc8/15/19Wastewater Operator IUntil filled
City of New Philadelphia8/10/19Pipe FitterUntil filled
City of Mansfield8/7/19Operations Supervisor
Until filledSee attached
City of Logan7/23/19Water Treatment OperatorUntil filled
AKE Enviromental7/12/19Wastewater Operator IUntil filledSee attached
Knox County7/2/19Water/Wastewater OperatorUntil filled$20.00 - $26.00 per hr.
City of Perrysburg6/26/19Public Utilities CommissionerUntil filledSee attached
Aqua Ohio6/21/19Plant OperatorUntil filled$25.85 - $34.35 per hr.
Village of Johnstown6/19/19Class II Water OperatorUntil filledSee attached
Village of Johnstown6/19/19Utility LaborerUntil filledSee attached
Medina County6/13/19Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance Technician
Until filled$21.54 - $21.87 per hr.
Veolia North America
6/13/19Wastewater Operations ManagerUntil filledSee attached
City of East Liverpool6/3/19Wastewater SuperintendentUntil filled
City of Painesville5/9/19Water Treatment Plant SupervisorUntil filledSee attached
City of Fostoria5/9/19Water Treatment Plant Operator - Midnight Shift
Until filled
Aqua Ohio5/3/19Plant Operator – Day shift
Until filled$25.28 – $33.78 per hr.
Knox County5/3/19Water/Wastewater OperatorUntil filledSee attached
Geauga County4/26/19Sanitary EngineerUntil filledSee attached
Geauga County4/25/19Waste Water Plant Operator II
Until filled$23.12 per hr.
Ohio Rural Water 4/23/19Wastewater TechnicianUntil filledSee attached
Village of Johnstown4/5/19Utility Operator Until filledSee attached
Village of Johnstown4/5/19Class 1 Water OperatorUntil filledSee attached

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