​​Operator Training Committee of Ohio, Inc.

3972 Indianola Ave. Columbus OH 43214 us614-268-6826otco@ohiowater.org

OTCO is an organization that focuses primarily on the needs of the operators. Many operators of treatment plants, distribution & collection systems; engineers, managers and lab technicians find OTCO not only a useful training source but an environmental clearinghouse.

The primary focus of the Operator Training Committee of Ohio is to design, develop and deliver various types of training programs for individuals in water and wastewater utility occupations in business, industry and government.

Proper water and wastewater treatment are essential to the quality of life. Since 1964 OTCO has strived to be a stakeholder in these endeavors.

We accomplish our objective by working with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Ohio Department of Health and non-profit environmental organizations such as American Water Works Association, Rural Water Association and Rural Community Assistance Programs.