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Environmental Careers

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A Challenging and Rewarding Job

Whether you are joining the workforce for the first time or exploring a new career path due to downsizing. OTCO offers industry recognized credentials offering students individual customized career planning.

​Working in the water/wastewater industry can be extremely rewarding since you are providing an important service to your community. It just might be one of the most important positions in the world since no one can live without water.

It takes knowledgeable, conscientious people to deliver clean, potable water and to ensure that wastewater is discharged in an environmentally safe manner. It takes special people to do this job. People who like to work with their hands and have an interest in biology, chemistry, and mathematics are well-suited for the job. One thing is for sure – no two days are the same for water or wastewater operators. They may be repairing a leak in a water line, running a backhoe, welding pipe and fixing a pump one day and the next day working in the laboratory testing samples for pathogens and microorganisms or presenting information to the town board or the public.

​Operators wear many hats. A college degree is of value but is not required. This career does require a great deal of training and experience. If you like a challenge and the responsibility of protecting the public health and the environment – this could be the job for you!

Vocational Training

​​Since 1964, OTCO has delivered vocational training to individuals through classroom, & correspondence courses, workshops, short schools, seminars. Operations topics range from drinking water, wastewater, water distribution systems, wastewater collection systems, water & wastewater laboratory analysis, cross-connection control, basic electrical, pumps & motors, computer literacy, geographical information systems & data capture (GIS).

​The traditional training along with on-site experience and OTCO instructors are the core of the Environmental Careers Programs. Environmental Careers is a continuation of the successful WET Program OTCO offered thorough Greene County Career Center & Buckeye Hill Vocational which prepared GM Employees (Dayton) and southern Ohio coal miners respectively, for entry in the water/wastewater field.

​​OTCO is approved for vocational training through the Federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and Ohio Department of Job & Family Services. Training is delivered locally in all 88 counties throughout Ohio.