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Thank you for participating in OTCO’s classroom training course.  Below is OTCO’s Classroom Course Evaluation link.  We would really appreciate if you could take a few minutes to provide feedback. Student feedback is of immense help in refining and improving OTCO’s courses.

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2019 Fall Basic Water

Classroom Course Evaluation

2019 Fall Basic Wastewater

Classroom Course Evaluation

Location: Cleveland - Instructor: Sam JacobLocation: Coshocton - Instructor: Mike Zeigler
Location: Dayton - Instructor: Dennis Hartman
Location: Dayton - Instructor: Phil Bennington
Location: Huron - Instructor: Jason Gibboney
Location: Dover - Instructor: Tyler Espenschied
Location: Jackson - Instructor: Larry Foster
Location: Jackson - Instructor: Matt Lusk

Location: Lancaster - Instructor: Chuck Norris

Location: Lakewood - Instructor: Randy Fabrizio

Location: Middleport - Instructor: Joseph Woodall

Location: Solon - Instructor: Mike Zronek

Location: Warren - Instructor: Randy Fabrizio

Location: Steubenville - Instructor: James Jenkins
Location: Wapakoneta - Instructor: Brent Hamel
Location: NEORSD-Southernly - Instructor: Mike Maringer

2019 Fall Advance Water
Classroom Course Evaluation

2019 Fall Advance Wastewater
Classroom Course Evaluation

Location: Lancaster - Instructor: Chuck Norris

Location: Coshocton - Instructor: Mike Zeigler

Location: Perrysburg - Instructor: Ernest Shafer

Location: Solon - Instructor: Mike Zronek

Location: NEORSD Southerly - Instructor: Mike Maringer

2019 Fall Water Distribution
Classroom Course Evaluation

2019 Fall Wastewater Collection Systems
Classroom Course Evaluation

Location: Avon Lake - Instructor: Bill Simon
Location: Fairborn - Instructor: Scott Loper

Location: Columbiana - Instructor: Gary Espenschied

Location: Cleveland - Instructor: Gary Espenschied

Location: Fairborn - Instructor: Scott Loper

Location: Springfield - Instructor: Allen Jones

Location: Wapakoneta - Instructor: Brent Hamel

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