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The objective of this course is for individuals interested in plant operations that lack experience or background in basic drinking water treatment including operation & maintenance of a water treatment plant, background knowledge in applied chemistry, microbiology, physics, theory of operation, treatment unit descriptions & capacities, standard operating procedures, operator responsibilities, contingency operating procedures, and Ohio EPA Regulations and Need-To Know Criteria. Textbooks included for classroom & correspondence: Basic Water I Workbook (OTCO 2008), Operation of Water Treatment Plants Vol. I (CSUS 6th Edition), Recommended Standards for Water Works 2003 (abridged), Ohio EPA Needs To Know Criteria, Rules of The Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) administered by the Division of Drinking & Groundwaters (8/2007) abridge for 2008. EFFECTIVE 7/1/09: Includes textbook Basic Math Training Guide.

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