Operator Training Committee of Ohio, Inc

3972 Indianola Avenue * Columbus, Ohio 43214-3158 * Phone (614) 268-6826 * Fax (614) 268-3244

Email: otco@otco.org

Vacant, President

Jason Phillips, Vice President

American Water Works Association - Northwest

Steve Elliott, Secretary
Ohio Rural Water Association - Wastewater
George Culver, Treasurer
Wastewater Professional - Southeast
Randy Rothlisberger, Trustee
American Water Works Association - Northeast
Charlie Queen, Trustee
Ohio Rural Water Association - Water
Rebecca Fugitt, Trustee
Ohio Department of Health 
Larry Foster, Trustee
Ohio Rural Water Association - Water
Andy Catanzarite, Trustee
Wastewater Professional - Northeast
Keshia Kinney, Trustee
American Water Works Association - Southwest
Vacant, Trustee
Wastewater Professional - Southwest
Vacant, Trustee
​American Water Works Association - Southeast​​
Vacant, Trustee
Ohio Rural Water Association - Wastewater


Establishes and maintains communication for mutual understanding and cooperation.

Andy Barienbrock, Liaison

Ohio EPA Division of Drinking & Groundwaters

Mark Stump, Liaison

Ohio EPA, Division of Surface Water

Linda O'Connor, Liaison

Ohio Department of Education

Gary Dursch, Liaison

Statutory Agent

2017-2018 Board of Trustees