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The 2019 schedule for public

Backflow Prevention Courses

Schedule updated as of 9/6/19

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Course Objective

The Backflow Prevention courses were

developed to provide training for the

administrators, operators and backflow

prevention program employees of public

water supply systems. It can also assist water 

purveyor in meeting the Ohio Administrative

Code # 3745-95 backflow

prevention requirements.

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The 2019 schedule for public 
Backflow Refresher Courses 
Schedule updated as of 9/6/19

Click below to see the schedule.
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Course Objective

The intent of the Backflow Refresher course is

to reiterate the primary concepts, methods and

practices that were presented in the initial Backflow 

Prevention course, along with updateson new information

that has developed since you completed the initial course.


Individuals who have successfully completed the

OTCO 36.00 hr. Backflow Prevention Course in 2016.

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Please emailbackflow@otco.orgif you would

like to have an Intro to Backflow Course

Course Objective

The principles of Backflow, the risks associated

with backflow, the public water system’s

responsibility under State law, the methods

employed to prevent backflow, and be given an

opportunity to disassemble a backflow

prevention assembly.

Backflow Surveying Course

Please email backflow@otco.org if you would

like to have an Intro to Backflow Course​ in your area.


Course Objective

Laws and rule have been written and developed to

protect both the public inside and outside the

building from cross – connections between potable 

and non-potable water supplies.This course is

aimed at identifying the levels of hazards that are

typically found inside residential, commercial and

industrial establishments and types of protection


The Backflow Prevention & Refresher Course Schedules have been posted. If you have questions or would like a private class scheduled at your facility please email us at: backflow@otco.org 

The backflow prevention courses were developed to provide training for the administrators, operators and backflow prevention program employees of public water supply systems and assist water purveyors in meeting the Ohio Administrative Code # 3745-95 backflow prevention requirements.

Upon successfully completing this course, you will be issued a certificate of competency and recognized as qualified to:

  • Describe the principles, causes and theory of backpressure and backsiphonage backflow
  • Discuss degree of hazard and the available methods of backflow prevention protection
  • Determine the appropriate backflow prevention assembly or method to protect against a hazard
  • Discuss Ohio laws, rules, and regulations
  • Implement and administer your local backflow prevention program
  • Inspect and test backflow prevention assemblies
  • A water supply employee may be eligible to sit for the State of Ohio Department of Commerce
  • "Backflow Tester" Certification after the class

2019 Backflow Training Course