Water Workshop - March 8, 2016

Drinking & Ground Water Update

Beth Messer

Ohio EPA
Operations, Resiliency & Operator Certification

Andy Barienbrock

Ohio EPA

Revised Total Coliform RuleLaura Sullivan
Ohio EPA
Overcoming Corrosion in Wells and Improving Efficiencies Through   Flexible Drop Pipe

Tanner Tryon & Bob Curley

Hose Solutions

Layne Christensen Co.

Analysis of Big of Data to Improve Operations (Springboro Ohio)

Terry Morris & 

Derek Eads

Veolia North America

Adgo Engineering

Backflow Prevention Overview

Jack Soma & 

Gary Espenschied

Ohio DOC &


DIY – Why Not? SCSD Implementing a SCADA System
Robert GeuyShelby County Engineer
Smart Communication in Dealing With The Public (Robo Calls, Texting, Emails, and others)
Alan HinchmanGray Matter Systems

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