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Wastewater Workshop: Wednesday - 4/6/16

Components IdentificationRick SmithOhio EPA
Conversion and SeparationRick Smith
Ohio EPA
Microbiological Monitoring of Enhanced Biologicical Phosphorus Systems

Toni Glymph

Metropolitan Water Reclomation Dist. of Greater Chicago

Understanding AlgaeToni GlymphMetropolitan Water Reclomation Dist. of Greater Chicago
Wastewater Plants Becoming Resource Recovery Plants
Mike MaringerQuasar Energy Group

Wastewater Workshop: Tuesday - 4/5/16

Operator Certification Resilience and Compliance

Andy Barienbrock

Ohio EPA

Ohio EPA DSW Program OverviewBrian HallOhio EPA
Submersible Pump Operation & Maintenance Tricks of the Trade

Matt Glova

PA Electric Motor Service

Fusible PVC Pip for us in Trenchless Installations of Water and Wastewater MainsChet AllenUnderground Solutions
Collection System Evaluation Rehab and Performance AssessmentHeather Spurlino & Chris LewisLiquid Force Services
DMRQA/Quality Control

Marcy Bolek

Alloway Laboratory

FOG and Odor Control in Collection and Wastewater Treatment Systems Using Bio-AugmentationJay Hill
Bioscience, Inc.
Developing Practical Asset Management PlansKevin CampanellaBurgess & Niple