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Procrastinator's Workshop 12/11/15

Peeling the I&I Onion: Water and Wastewater Losses

John Swartzbaugh

Burgess & Niple
SCADA Systems

Scott Fausneaucht


Best Practices in Energy Efficiency
Tom Sherman
Sustainable Energy Services
Offsetting Rising Electricity Costs - Utilizing Demand Response and Peak

Laura Sherman

Sustainable Energy Services

Operator Training vs. Operator Certification
Darrel Blanchard

Electronic Drinking Water Report (eDWR) vs. Surface Water (eDWR)
Brian Tarver
Ohio EPA
The Impact of HAB's on Water and Wastewater Plants

Barbar Lubberger & Andy Bachman

Ohio EPA

‚ÄčProcrastinator's Workshop 12/10/15

Field Sampling Audit Procedures

Erin Hammer

Case Study-Emergency Response to Major Pump-Station Failure 

Gary Timmer

United Water

Benchmarking and Optimization for Water & Wastewater
Marvin Gnagy
PMG Consulting
Water and Wastewater Basics for Non-Technical People
Tim Wolfe
Coordinating Activities After a Disaster

Andrew Elder

Ohio EMA
Web Based Monitoring and Control

Pat Smith

Data Command

Ohio EPA UpdateAndy BarienbrockOhio EPA
Air Monitoring for Confined SpacesEd FitzgeraldDoheny Group